LCD Screen display Incoming Caller ID and name
- Full duplex noise and echo suppression DSP technology
- Builtin speaker microphone FM transmitter wireless earpiece
- Telephone book function
- Integrated newest MP3 player supports Mp3 format music from MMC/SD or usb memory
- Accessory: one power line for cigarette lighter socket

Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Caller ID Handsfree Car Kit with MP3 Player and FM Transmitter,bluetooth headset,Handsfree Car Kit with MP3 Player

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Bluetooth V2.1+EDR Range up to 10 meters distance
- Multipoint support: allows a speaker phone connecting to two phones
- Memory 8 Cellphones’ connection no need to reconfigure
- Support secure simple pairing
- Advantage echo and noise cancellation

Bluetooth Multipoint Speakerphone,bluetooth speakerphone,headsets bluetooth,bluetooth headphones

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Bluetooth Incoming Call Vibrate Alert Bracelet,bluetooth headset,Bluetooth Bracelet

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Designer’s In-Ear Stereo Headphones with Control Talk for iPhone 4 gives you on-cable control of your music as well as easy high quality hands-free calling.

Designer’s In-Ear Stereo Headphones with Microphone & Volume Control for iPhone is Excellent build quality Looks just like the original Apple ones Wires are rubberised and feel exactly like they should Mic and buttons function perfectly I think they have slightly more bass then the originals, at the cost of high/mid range.


This Designers In-Ear Stereo Earphone is quality made, the sound is quite good,flexible long cord,quality packaging,have spare colorful erasers sizes.In general, you will not complain. good headphones for the money,recommend for Setting up children, if you lose do not feel sorry.